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Individual classes

Coaching for musicians

Instrument maintenance

Courses and seminars

Design and webdesign





Maintenance, care and repairs for historical harps, hurdy-gurdy and bagpipes

Advice and instruction concerning adjustments and tuning, intonation of instruments,

calculation of stringing, re-stringing

Dealership in music supplies for historical instruments / establishing contact to instrument manufacturers and suppliers of accessories

Your instrument such as your voice is a way to give expression to your personal music agenda. Due to the transient medium of sound this expression must be found anew in every moment.

You give an unmistakable personal timbre to the instrument by learning about all structural aspects of your instrument. These include adjusting the attack and sensibility of your instrument, the choice of strings with their specific sound, the choice of a specific temperature in intonation within a historical context and much more. Special attention must be kept on nowadays aspects in performance of music and how to bring them in accordance with historical facts of interpretation.

With my guidance you will learn how to adjust your instrument for your personal needs. Upon request, I can take over all maintenance work.