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Individual instrumental classes for

historical harps, the hurdy-gurdy and the bagpipes

Interpretation, arrangement, improvisation

Advice concerning health promoting measures

Reconstruction of historical instruments as well as the current interpretation of early music have nothing to do with any standardization. Requirement and basis to develop an authentic performance practice are your individual search as a musician to find your personal sound ideal and your search for your maximum in musical expression. To do so we will be considering the historical context of your repertoire as well as the current musical context in which you stand during the lessons. Be it in an ensemble, as a soloist, as a voice accompaniment or for instrumental music.

Early music offers room for interpretation, arrangement and improvisation. During lessons we will be working on these areas together so that we can bring them into accord with your unique sound world and specific sound of your instrument.

All instrumental music results from singing. By adopting this approach you will be able to learn a body-related and emotionally breathing playing technique that will lead to a health promoting music practice, which is of existential importance for all musicians.